Super Mylar Slip-Latch Material - 5 Sheets


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Super Mylar Slip-Latch Material - 5 Pieces



- Contains 5 sheets of Mylar Slip-Latch Material
- Durable and effective
- High quality


The pack of 5 Sheet of Mylar Slip-Latch Material is a must for every professional locksmiths toolbox, and TradeLocks offers the most durable and effective option on the market. Suitable to fit even in the tightest crevices and ideal for shimming the most common lock levers found. These very simple, yet very effective sheets provide you with the ability to defeat locks by using the credit card method.

Though there are a lot of fancy lock tools and techniques to defeat a lock, one of the simplest and most commonly used us the classic "card in the door" technique which is relatively popular in movies. However, if you actually try to use your credit card, you run the risk of breaking it as it isn't flexible and durable enough to really get the job done - not to mention it's not thin enough to fit in most spaces between the door and frame. In order to shim the lock you need paper thin Slip-Latch Material which is durable yet flexible, thus allowing you enough movement and pressure to defeat the lock. With some practice you will be able to easily and quickly slip the latch of any door as long as there is enough space available to do it.

In this pack of 5 Mylar Ultra-String Slip-Latch Material you will receive 2 different types of sheets. All 5 are 165 x 101 mm in size, however 2 sheets are 205 micron material and 3 are 500 micron material - thus allowing you to choose the most suitable thickness for your needs. The material has gone through a number of testes and has been confirmed as the best slip-lock material for shimming a lock. TradeLocks features these and numerous other great professional lock tools suitable for any locksmith toolbox. Once you have the essentials remember that there are many more great domestic locksmith tools and accessories that will help you improve in your profession.


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