Disc Detainer Padlock Pick

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On a daily basis you are faced with a variety of different obstacles which as a professional have to always be prepared and TradeLocks ensures just that with the high quality Disc Detainer Padlock Pick. Though you may not have to take it out every single day, its use will come up regularly as a lot of the Abloy type locks such as the Blackspur and Monteray locks are pretty expensive and rather than breaking the lock open its more agreeable for the owner to call a locksmith to do the job as it will give them an opportunity to simply get a replacement key.

Many people use these types of locks on storage units in public storage areas. Visit some in your target area and post up some advertisements that you can unlock these expensive and widely used locks. If you have a website make sure that you post it on there as well and generally anywhere that you feel that people that use these types of locks may go both online and off. Considering the low price you can easily have your money back in your pocket plus a pretty good profit after several jobs. What’s great is this disc detainer padlock pick is relatively easy to use. Through manipulation of the discs of the lock the Disc Detainer Padlock Pick is able to get it opened.

At a price like this you cannot pass up offering yet another great service for niche type customers which generally have very little options as to who to turn to when they need a padlock unlocked. By getting creative and getting your name out there that you work with Abloy type padlocks you can start getting pretty acceptable profit off of picking padlocks.

TradeLocks offers numerous types of locksmith tools such as key cutting tools, locksmith auto tools, domestic locksmith tools, and much more. We work with top quality manufacturers such as Genuine Lishi and MAX6MUM SECURITY. If you turn to us for all your padlock, domestic, or auto locksmith tools you will be able to easily stock your entire locksmith toolbox with ease. The Disc Detainer Padlock Pick is a perfect example of a tool which is both inexpensive as well as very effective during those down times when you feel that work just isn’t going anywhere and no calls are coming in. Wherever you may be in the UK our tools will reach you as we offer shipping not only in Great Britain but in Ireland and Scotland as well. Our focus is on helping you become a more successful locksmith as we know that will reflect on how successful we are.