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Fire Resistant Door Hardware

If your customers are looking for the best of the best on the market when it comes to their door hardware you can recommend the Fire Check Door Hardware Range with confidence. Available at TradeLocks this range includes secure and durable Letterplates as well as Door Viewers. Each features intumescent lining that expands against heat that is radiated from a fire thus helping prevent the fire from spreading for 60 minutes. Also including a number of fantastic security features these are easily the best door hardware options the market has to offer. 

Fire Resistant Door Hardware

Improve any Door with the UAP Fire Check Door Hardware

Present your customers with the best quality products on the market today and ensure that their door hardware is of the highest quality and offering ultimate fire and anti-vandal features. TradeLocks covers the full Fire Check Door Hardware range with impressive Fire Check Letterplates and Fire Check Door Viewers.

The Fire Check Letterplates have a plethora of features making them a great option to offer in your shop or recommend to your clients on the field. The 12” Letterplates feature a revolutionary intumescent lining which has the ability to expand against heat which has radiated from a fire. This in turn helps prevent the fire from spreading onto the door for 60 minutes. It also features non-heat absorbing washers which also hold the attaching metal fittings thus preventing heat from spreading and transferring from the metal plate onto the door. All of this is also accompanied by numerous security features which offer protection against vandalism, burglary, scratches, and much more. Available in a number of finishes the Fire Check Letterplates are easily the best there is on the market today.

With two great priced options of Fire Check Door Viewers you ensure security and overall home protection at the same time. Offering the same fire protection features as the letterplates these door viewers are a great way to make an extra profit to your sales by stocking them in your shop. Awarded the ‘Secure by Design’ approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers and complying with DHF TS 02:2009 Standards both the door viewers and letterplates are part of the UAP Fire Check range and present your customers with a variety, security, safety, durability, and much more.

TradeLocks presents a variety of great products ideal for any locksmith shop. Improve your customer’s home security and safety with the UAP Fire Check Door Hardware range which is a best seller in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain for the quality, durability, security, and safety it presents homeowners. 

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