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Door Knockers (Urns)

Door Knockers (Urns)

Attractive and Durable Door Knockers Complete a Front Door

Clients not only look to upgrade their front door security but in many cases look for ways to improve the overall look of their front door and nothing does that better than an attractive Door Knocker. The TradeLocks Door Knockers range offers a wide variety of attractive options that you can present to your clients in order to help them find the ideal knocker to fit their taste and budget. There are numerous fantastic and attractive options available from classic to modern designs in a variety of finishes which can be easily matched to the rest of the front door hardware.

Overall curb appeal of a home is achieved through an attractive door as the first thing people look at is the front door. Clients know this and expect their front doors not only to be secure but welcoming and stylish as well. As a professional aside from offering advice and providing services to up the security of a home you could easily offer attractive hardware that can easily be the centrepiece of a front door and overall exterior of a home.

Our Door Knockers range features numerous fantastic designs from the classic Victoria Urn or Georgian Urn knockers to a more luxurious Lions Head Door Knocker or a clean and modern Ponytail Door Knocker. If your clients live along the coast or an industrial area with lots of pollution we highly recommend you offer them our Nanocoast Victorian Urn Knocker that features a special coating that will ensure that the elements will not corrode or discolour the knocker over time.

Choosing the best door hardware requires not only experience but taste as well. Clients often turn to professionals to complete the overall look of their doors by adding centrepieces such as a door knocker. We offer not only a wide variety of knockers but also the best prices for the highest quality throughout Europe. Each of the knockers offered are developed with a lot of pride in knowing that they are not only attractive but manufactured of the highest quality materials and coating to ensure a long life. UAP is well known for the overall quality products and use of only quality materials for all products so as to ensure full satisfaction.

TradeLocks knows that being a locksmith goes beyond fitting locks and fixing them. You are a professional and clients turn to you for everything from choosing the ideal lock to boost their overall home security to picking front door hardware that will not only make a statement but ensure durability and long lasting attractive results. We serve professionals throughout Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland and ensure that all of our products, especially those developed to be installed on the exterior of doors, are developed to withstand the harsh elements especially in coastal areas. 

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