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Door Restrictor Guards

One of the easiest products to sell out of your shop would be found in our Door Restrictors range. Available at TradeLocks the Door Restrictors range presents locksmiths with a sure sell opportunity as they are an essential to every entry door. Currently in our range is the impressive UAP High Security Door Restrictor which has proven time and again that it is the ultimate choice for homeowners, business owners, and locksmiths alike. 


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Door Restrictor Guards

Unlimited Ways to Apply Door Restrictors

Used in nearly every hotel around the world the impressive Door Restrictor is designed for ultimate door security when it comes to callers at the door. The Door Restrictor range available at TradeLocks features only one door restrictor option, and for good reason, it’s the best there is on the market.

The UAP High Security Door Restrictor is a favourite not only among homeowners but business owners around the world, primarily hotel owners looking to offer their guests the high security and safety they require while on vacation. Offering the highest possible door security against forced door entry it’s no wonder they are a product you can purchase with confidence.

Aside from its great looks and overall sleek design that makes it part of the overall door decoration this door hardware offers impressive door security making it an essential for any door. You can choose to purchase this product in bulk and offer it right out of your locksmith shop or always have it on hand in your work van to present your clients when improving their door security, either way it’s a fantastic investment.

The solid locking bar makes the UAP High Security Door Restrictor a great option for homeowners that have limited hand movement and the elderly that have a difficult time with door chains. Manufactured of high grade materials its overall structure allows for the homeowner to safely open their door just enough to see who is calling without putting themselves in harm’s way and with an easy and quick swipe of the hand they can either lock or unlock the door to fully open.

TradeLocks work with locksmiths in Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland and follows the latest trends in home security to ensure that we have all of the latest and most popular products on the market. When it comes to a timeless home security trend Door Restrictors are unbeatable. Give your clients a product that will outlast all, provide added door security, and present your customers with the easiest and least expensive way to stay safe and secure. 

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