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Front Door Numbers and Letters

A part of home security is making a property easily identifiable and nothing gets the job done better than the quality Letters and Numbers available at TradeLocks. With a great selection of options both in finishes as well as fitting methods our range of Numerals and Letters is the ideal choice for any locksmith. 


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Front Door Numbers and Letters

Property Identification with Quality Letters and Numerals

Property identification is essential. Both when it comes to calling emergency services to a location as well as to prevent lost post or visitors not finding it easily. If Numerals and Letters are not easily seen from the street the property is invisible and difficult to find.

Our range of fantastic Letters and Numerals have several options available to ensure you are able to provide your clients a variety of options to choose from. Varying in prices you will be able to find the ideal product to suit your client’s needs and budget.

There are three types of Letters and Numerals in different price ranges. The first option is the unmatched 3”Self-Adhesive Letters and Numerals. All are in Times Roman Font which is easy to read and recognize, large enough to be seen from afar, and designed to take no more than several minutes to affix onto any surface. Featuring the highly sought after Nanocoast technology the Letters and Numerals which ensures resistance to corrosion, rusting, and the elements in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain. Designed so the fixings are completely hidden the numerals are not only durable but also very attractive.

Easy to read from a distance the 3”Screw Fix Numerals and Letters feature the New Times Roman font and are a favourite of homeowners. With colour coatings in a variety of colours it’s the ultimate choice at the perfect price. Each Letter and Number comes with matching colour screws to complete the vision.

The least expensive option are the 2” Screw Fix Letters and Numerals available in a variety of finishes. These are ideal for those clients that are allowing for a limited budget for home identification but still want attractive and durable Letters and Numerals.

TradeLocks offers a wide variety of products to stock up your locksmith workshop which will ensure that you not only serve locks but overall home security. Fitting Letters and Numerals is key to home security as it allows emergency vehicles, postal services, and visitors to find the home faster and easier. Burglars are also deterred by a property that the homeowner has paid attention to every home security detail as it increases the chances of them being caught. 

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