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Genuine Lishi Tools

Genuine Lishi Tools

Genuine Lishi Tools

Professional Genuine Lishi Auto Locksmith Tools

TradeLocks works with one of the most trusted and popular auto locksmith tool brands, Genuine Lishi, renowned as the best vehicle opening tool brand in the World. Lishi tools are continuously coming up with new fantastic lock tools which help improve the overall auto locksmith profession.

Recognised for their exceptional quality and ease of use, you can’t go wrong with turning to Genuine Lishi for all your auto locksmith tool needs. At TradeLocks you can find the latest car lock picking products in the market, from Lishi 2 in 1 and Lishi 3 in 1 pick tools and accessories, to Auto Key Extractors, Lock Pick Decoders, Auto Handpick Sets, Tension Tools, Inner Groove Picks and much more.

In addition to fantastic quality lock picking tools from Genuine Lishi, we also offer a number of great Training Locks so as to help you stay at the top of your game with plenty of practice. As with all other profession, training and experience is crucial to growth and with these locks you can easily prepare for any job you are called on. Our goal is to give you a range of choice in quality, versatility and price, so as to meet the needs of every professional or novice locksmith that seeks our aid in stocking their toolbox.

Being a professional requires that you have the tools to match your knowledge and experience. And today there are numerous fantastic professional auto locksmith tools developed to make your job faster and easier but you also have to think about how presentable you are for your clients. Having top quality tools that are durable enough to withstand the everyday pressure and work with them is essential to success and TradeLocks delivers.

Whether you are looking to add auto services to your current locksmith services list or focus entirely on vehicles, the TradeLocks Auto Locksmith Tools range will help you become the best in your trade. Even the highest training and experience cannot help improve your business if you are not prepared with the right professional auto locksmith tools.

We work with some of the most popular brands and manufacturers of locksmith auto tools that are focused on vehicles that are most commonly found in the United Kingdom. We ship all of our high quality tools to Scotland, Ireland, and of course Great Britain. Our goal is to give every professional the opportunity to arm themselves with the best lock tools on the market so as to continuously grow in their trade and bring in more profit on their investment.

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