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High Security Front Door Handles

If your clients have never considered the importance of their Door Handles when it comes to door security it’s time to remind them. The fantastic MAX6MUM SECURITY Door Handles options are more than impressive. Offering everything from numerous security features such as the integrated cylinder guard and achieving a 2 Star TS 007:2012 rating out of 3 to the latest Nanocoast technologies to ensure that the finish will look like new well after they've been fit they are easily the highest quality and most secure handles on the market. 


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High Security Front Door Handles

Improve Door Security with MAX6MUM SECURITY Door Handles

Available in a variety of finishes so as to ensure you can help your client match them to the rest of their door hardware the MAX6MUM SECURITY Door Handles available at TradeLocks impress with a variety of features.

Few handles have the ‘Secure by Design’ approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers and have so many added security features that they achieve a 2 star TS 007:2012 rating out of the maximum of 3. Manufactured out of either solid stainless steel or high grade aerospace aluminium the MAX6MUM SECURITY Door Handles feature an innovative integrated cylinder guard which ensures that the most common break-in method, lock snapping, is prevented. This combined with their durable self-adhesive backing the door handles can withstand any attack. Available in a variety of finishes such as Black, White, Gold, Mirror Polished, PVD Gold, Satin Stainless Steel, and Silver there is a perfect finish to match any door hardware and client taste.

One of the most impressive features of the door handles from MAX6MUM SECURITY though is their outstanding durability. The aluminium range of the door handles come with a 10 year colour fastness guarantee ensuring that once fit onto your door, they won’t budge in colour or fade. On the other hand the solid stainless steel MAX6MUM SECURITY Door Handles range is part of the Nanocoast range developed specifically for areas near the coast or with high pollution. They are designed to withstand the brutal natural elements and salt attack on exterior door hardware in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain and never rust, corrode, or lose the shine in their colour as they have been salt tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours.

If a client is looking for a fully secure front door missing the door handles could prove to be a mistake as they offer added protection of the lock. The MAX6MUM SECURITY Door Handles are a fantastic option for any professional looking to really impress their clients. 

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