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Editing Your Find a Locksmith Map Details


For more information about the app please click below:

How do I get listed on Find a Locksmith?

Getting your company listed is quick and easy, and best of all it is completely free! Simply click the register button below and apply for a trade account and fill out your details. Once approved, your company will be automatically listed on the tool for everyone to see:

Simply fill out your customer details including your company name, contact details and the locksmith and/or key cutting services you offer. There are 5 different services you can pick from, and you can tick as many of the services that apply to you as you want:

● Domestic Locksmith
● House Key Cutting
● Auto Locksmith
● Car Key Cutting
● Safe Locksmith

When you have fill out all of your details, click the register button. Your application will then be manually checked by a member of the Tradelocks team, and once approved you will get a welcome email and be automatically added to the Find a Locksmith tool.

It is that quick and simple!

How do I update my details?

Once you have been approved on to the Tradelocks website, you will be able to log in. To do this, click the ‘Log In’ button at the top of the screen:

You will be able to log in using the email address and password you submitted above.

Once logged in, you will see a button which says ‘Account:’

If you click this, you will see the following screen:

Click on ‘Your Locksmith Map Details and Settings’ to view all of the details that are displayed on Find a Locksmith:

You can update a number of different things here including your company name, contact details, telephone numbers, websites etc.

You will also notice a couple of new sections which are company logo and working hours. When someone clicks on your account to get more info, they will be shown the following screen:

If you have a company logo you can upload it here and it will be displayed on your profile.

Another important section to fill out is your working hours. You can specify what times you work, and also what days you are closed. To do this, make sure you use a 24 hour clock format, so if you close at 5.30pm you will need to put in 17.30. For days you are closed simply leave the box empty.

If you are a locksmith on call working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, instead of filling out your working hours you can simply tick the box which says ‘My services are available 24 hours a day.’ On the tool, users will have the facility to only search for locksmiths who are available 24 hours a day – something which is very useful if they need a locksmith after normal working hours.

What are TL Approved members?

Due to the locksmith industry in the UK not being regulated, to make users less worried and more confident about who may be turning up to their door, we have introduced the ‘TL approved’ locksmith scheme.

Every ‘Tradelocks Approved’ member is vetted by a member of the Tradelocks team to make sure you are a qualified and competent locksmith. We will look at how long you have been trading, locksmith assoications you are a member of, as well as any locksmith training courses you have attended.

Once we are confident that you are a professional and competent locksmith, we will upgrade your account to a ‘TL Approved’ member, which has several benefits:


 Each TL member will be listed above any non ‘TL Approved’ member for any search on Find a Locksmith. This will put you ahead of your competitors, and give you greater visibility and exposure.

● You will have a ‘TL Approved’ badge shown on your profile throughout the tool.

● Find a Locksmith users are actively encouraged to search for and call ‘TL Approved’ members, as they can be assured that all ‘TL Approved’ members have the essential knowledge and skill to carry out the job.

● You will be sent a ‘TL Approved’ van sticker that you can display on your van to give yourself more creditability.

How to apply to be a TL Approved member:

Underneath your company details on the ‘Your Locksmith Map Details and Settings’ page, you will see the following section:

To apply to become a TL approved member, simply fill out as many details as you can so that we can verify that you are a full trained trading locksmith.

If you are a member of a locksmith association, you can tick the box and fill out the association name as also your membership number for verification. If you are a member of more than one association, you can add all the additional associations by clicking the ‘+ Add a new association’ button.

Unless you are a member of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA), the most important section to fill out is the training courses you have attended. In this section, you can fill out who the course was organised by, what the course topic was, the date of attendance and also upload your training certificate. Again, if you have attended multiple courses, you can click the ‘+ Add a new course’ button and add as many courses as you wish.

Once you have completed each section, click the pink ‘Submit Application’ button.

This will then be reviewed by a member of the team. If we have any questions on your application then we will contact you for clarification.

Once verified your account will be upgraded to a ‘TL approved member.’ You will not need to do anything else.

You will then be able to see the below: 

Where is Find a Locksmith advertised?

Find a Locksmith has been aired nationwide on over 200 TV channels including:

Find a Locksmith is promoted throughout the UAP website. UAP dispatch over 75,000 cylinders per month all over the country.

As well as the above, the Find a Locksmith is heavily promoted online through a number of different social media marketing campaigns and eshots.

So with all the advertising the Find a Locksmith is to receive, now is the time to piggyback on it and get yourself listed on it for free advertising!

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