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Special Offer T&Cs

Special offer exclusions

The TradeLocks 'Summer Savings' Sale discount code (15% off) that is valid on (almost) everything excludes the following products and ranges:

- Clearance products 

- Smart door hardware

- CitySafe manual key cutting machines

- Genuine Lishi user guides

- Door numerals

- PPE and accessories

- Pickbuster 

- Genuine Lishi Blind and Spare Picks

- Safes

- DOM Panic Hardware

- Genuine Lishi Tray Case and Handle

- Intelligent Hardware Hinges

-Genuine Lishi Classic tools

-Genuine Lishi T3 Tools

-KeyDIY B Series Remotes

-KeyDIY NB Series Remotes 

-KeyDIY Blades


Offer limitations

Please note that multiple offers and/or promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with each other unless stated otherwise.


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