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UAP Genuine Key Blanks

Every professional locksmith knows that aside from having a quality lock fit onto a door it’s important to have a quality key to go with it and TradeLocks offers a variety of key blanks to fit every job. Whether cutting additional keys or replacement keys having a quality key blank available for the job is essential to provide your clients the quality service they expect. 


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UAP Genuine Key Blanks

Key Blanks for Every Job

Finding quality key blanks is the first step towards offering key cutting services. TradeLocks has put together a fantastic range of key blank options to ensure that you can easily stock up your key cutting shop and be always prepared when a job comes up.

Quality is essential as each key needs to be able to withstand the everyday pressure within the lock and regular use so as to prevent it from breaking or bending over time. Even the slightest details as quality keys are essential to attracting and keeping clients.

Available in our Key Blank range are a variety of options. Our 6 Lever Mortice Lock Key Blanks which are developed specifically for the 6 Lever Restricted Keyway Mortice Locks and are ideal for the MAX6MUM SECURITY range. Manufactured of solid brass and designed to outlast all others these durable keys will surely impress any client.

The UAP Budget Zero Lift Key Blank offers easy cutting and is ideal for the fantastic UAP Budget Zero Lift Cylinder Locks. A perfect choice if a client has one of these locks fit and requires additional or replacement keys.

On the other hand the UAP Zero Lift Key Blank is the ideal choice for professionals that have had the UAP Zero Lift Cylinder Lock. A perfect choice to offer clients developed for a perfect fit and designed durable and sturdy.

Each of the TradeLocks Key Blanks are the ideal choice for professionals as they are designed for easier cutting and are a charm to work with. You will be able to easily and quickly provide your clients not only with precisely cut new keys but with quality keys that will last longer, will not break or bend, and work every time.

TradeLocks works with professional locksmiths in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain and strives to take all requests into consideration. Though continuous work and communication with professionals we are able to continuously develop and present new domestic locksmith tools and accessories based on requests from our customers. Contact us if you are looking for or would like to see changes to a particular lock tool or accessory. 

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